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About us

The African Knowledge Academy

seeks to collaborate with corporate organizations, learning institutions, universities, as well as well-meaning Africans for the provision of a Functional Educational system which will develop a strong man-power for capacity building in Africa. At The African Knowledge Academy, we understand that Africa can only harness its riches; both human and natural resources only when we share what we have with others; especially knowledge for development.

Since people who truly practice Ubuntu are always open and always willing to share, they make themselves available to others, by contributing their own quota to humanity by sharing especially knowledge, skills and experiences that will lead to the general good of the African community without feeling threatened that the good they do to others will threatened their own existence.

Africa therefore will be productive as a Community when we develop a functional educational system that will enable us thrive not just as Africans, but as a people building a sustainable future for the world by sharing our experiences with others. It’s all about giving back to the society that molded and made us who you are.

The African knowledge Academy believes that African can build strong institutions through cooperation and collaborative strategies that allow for teamwork based on Ubuntu principle of caring and sharing. The Ubuntu philosophy implies that one can only increase one’s good fortune by sharing with other members of the society and thereby enhancing also their status within the community.

Now is the time for Africa to tell her own stories, share are riches, harness her cultural diversity by building a strong and formidable African Community that is premised on the Ubuntu philosophy.

Welcome to The African Knowledge Academy online Learning Centre, welcome to My Ubuntu (My Humanity) where knowledge for development is completely shared for free.

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